How many people can Roy Ngerng blame?

“Perhaps you notice how denial is often the preface to justification” Christopher Hitchens.


In bowling terms, it would have been a perfect strike for you. In single stroke, you wiped the deck clean blaming the PAP (as expected); opposition parties for abandoning you;

 “When some in the opposition parties and civil society activists also criticised us, I was … shock.

Of all people, I would expect them to … at least understand.”

Hanging your friend, Han Hui Hui out to dry (Yes, even her);

“And you might blame the people around me. Why was Hui Hui so impulsive? Why did she not think for Roy? 

For the faults that Hui Hui has, she was one of the very few people who stood by me and fought.” 

And perhaps the most shocking of all, you blamed your fellow Singaporeans for not joining your crusade.

“You have a chance, Singaporeans. you know it, but you don’t dare to take that step.”

Inevitable Betrayal

How confusing it must be for all the people who have given you their support, whether monetary or otherwise.

Remember how Singaporeans donated no less than $100,000 within days to your cause, believing your suggestions of something nefarious at play? Instead, you decide to bite back at the hand that literally fed you, simply because you now want to believe that you are alone in this.

Is this really a lonely fight? Or are you doing this to make yourself feel like a hero?

 “When the battle is over and done, I will be left in a corner, picking up the pieces. 

Another hero bites the dust and you will be going back to your days silent repression”

It reeks of an egomaniac that you now blame Singaporeans for being less enlightened than you are. For not seeing what you see. For someone who claims to have fought with the sincerest of hearts for Singaporeans, there is not a truer insult.

Denial is the longest River 

“Yes, I was rash, impatient, impulsive. I ran too fast. I didn’t wait. And got myself into all sorts of trouble.

But it shouldn’t be about me, should it?”

When it came down to it, there was really just one basic factor.

It wasn’t because you wanted to fight for Singaporeans.

It wasn’t because the Government had set out to harm Singaporeans for the past thirty years like you claimed.

It wasn’t because you were interested in fighting for free speech.

It wasn’t just because you heckled the YMCA performers.

It was the first mistake you knowingly made that started it all – you falsely accused the Prime Minister for being corrupt, then went on a long crusade to hide it.

Stop using us to cover for your mistake. You screwed up, Roy. It’s not too late to realize this.


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