Internet careers for the lazy

If you spend all your free time on the Internet, you might as well make some money out of it.

Secret Manual

Please note that some of the careers may require you to go to the outside.

Internet Career #1


Drop Shipping

All you need is a computer and the ability to copy and paste information. Seriously.

Drop Shipping is practiced in many ways but the simplest way to drop ship is to,

  1. List products for sale on eBay
  2. Wait for a customer to order a product
  3. Order product through Amazon
  4. Send product to customer using free shipping service provided by Amazon

Since Amazon provides free shipping, you will be able to earn a profit by saving on the shipping cost.

This is probably legitimate?

You can watch this video tutorial on drop shipping to learn more.

Internet Career #2


Professional Protester

This is the most atypical internet career in the list. But it could be the highest paying career you will ever have.

Steps to becoming a professional protester

  1. Find a topic that will rouse passions (e.g. CPF)
  2. Stoke the fire by organising monthly protests
  3. Appeal for donations to “keep your work going”

The market may be a little saturated with so many protests and petitions going on. You may try to get attention by getting yourself sued or heckle another disadvantaged group.

 Internet Career #3


Professional Survey Taker

This is pretty self-explanatory.

Sign up with survey sites, wait for surveys, complete them and earn moolah!

To get you started, here are some online survey sites:

Internet Career #4

Online shopping

eMystery Shopper

Mystery shoppers are not new. What is new about this is that, you get to paid to shop from the comfort of your own home.

Sounds good? Unfortunately, for you to become an eMysteryShopper, you will need to reside in UK.

Will any enterprising young man/woman bring this service to Singapore?

Internet Career #5



Transcribing is to produce a typed document of audio in video clip(s).

If your parents/partner nag at you for staying on the computer for too long, tune them out by donning on earphones essential for transcribers.

Skills needed: Ability to listen and type well

Hone your typing skills by instant messaging your Internet friends.

Here is a lobang to help you land your first gig,,admin/singapore/transcribers-wanted/jhv6r96j9qjh8vndr6t/?IPath=JRCV&APath=

I hope this helps all the Internet bums of Singapore.

Before you embark on your new career, here is a comic I found while procrastinating on the Internet.

Why working from home is both awesome and horrible – The Oatmeal


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