He Said. She Said. The Dim Sum Dolly Affair.

not us we sumpah

The best part of the Internet, is dirt. Dig up far enough and you’ll see everyone’s account of everything.

You people don’t know what the truth is! It’s there, just under their bullshit, but you never look! That’s what I hate most about this fucking city – lies are news and the truth is obsolete!

Well. Almost.

Here’s a few accounts and The Way We See Things the rest of the internet sees it.

Let’s start with Ivan Heng.


There is little wrong in what Ivan says but probably what enables him to go onto this tirade is that MDA doesn’t fund really fund (in their own words) non-media. Instead WildRice takes money from NAC. In 2013, they received a whopping $280,000 from NAC.

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Just bite the other hand.

The Straits Times

Very very bold Straits Times headline (by their standards):

“MDA issues advisory and licence to Dim Sum Dollies three days before show opening”

Both Channel News Asia and Mothership reported “the other side” of the story. MDA received the final script for on 1st December itself. Not so unreasonable that they delivered it only 6 days later?

Was it a sign of a failing dame of newspaper, still desperately trying to find a footing?

Media Development Authority 

“The Advisory 16 rating is not age-restrictive and serves to allow consumers to make an informed viewing choice”

Other recent advisories that MDA has slapped on:

  • Big Hero 6: PG-Some Intense Sequences
  • Rise of Legend: NC16 – Some Violence
  • Nightcrawler: PG-Some Disturbing Scenes

We wonder where they come up with these “Some Intense/Disturbing” ratings  but since so many of us wanted to grow up and “watch movies for a living”, this must be serving a purpose right?

Now finally, the Dollies

“Yay!!! Finally, today we received a license for the Dim Sum Dollies to perform. For two and a half months, we were holding our breaths all through rehearsals.”

Just one tip and one earnest wish. Maybe if you didn’t hold your breaths that long, your final script would have been submitted earlier than 1st December. #justsaying.

That being said. Good luck!

It’s nice seeing the Dollies on stage again. We Sumpah!


(photo courtesy of Kaimenasia)


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