The holiday gift guide for people you don’t like

I know the feeling. You just blew your bonus on the amazing Black Friday sale that Amazon had and yet you have a ton of presents to buy for people you don’t particularly like.

For the office holiday party

White elephant

White Elephant Teapot

Not the most subtle gift maybe? But who cares, you don’t have to leave your name on it. The trick here is to slip your present in the pile when no one is looking. Volunteer to pass out the presents and make sure to give that bitchy colleague the present you brought. Savour the awkward silence that will follow after the gift is unwrapped.

For the frenemy

Canned air

Canned air from Venice

This works best if you just returned from a trip around the world. Tell your ‘friend’ this, “____________ is the most magical place in the world, I wished you could have been there.”

For your MP


If you are under the management of AHPETC, I am sorry for you. Hopefully, this IT system will be able to churn out the arrears reports that they can’t seem to get done.

For the ex

bf cushiongf cushion

“The best revenge is living well.” Nah, I rather be petty and rub salt into the wound.

For the oversharing parent on your FB newsfeed


An awesome train set that would take forever to put together

Bonus points if the train has a loud blaring horn.

The kids will be thrilled. I highly doubt the parents will be.


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