10 things we learnt from the AHPETC debates

1. Pritam Singh is very familiar with his elevators

Mr Pritam Singh actually spent a long long time talking about the maintenance of elevators in his GRC. Seriously, how many of us actually understand what he was talking about. Perhaps if this MP thing doesn’t work out, he can be elevator salesman.

Pritam the lift salesman png

2. It’s hard to find a Managing Agent for an Opposition GRC

Judging from how Mr Low Thia Khiang was tirelessly emphasising this point, we seriously do wonder how tough it is to find a Managing Agent for AHPETC. We do wish him the best of luck in finding a new one (since it appears the contract with the current one is ending soon). Hopefully, he will not need to pay such high MA fees for the next one.


3. The local media seem more enthusiastic about Parliament than everyone else

The local media gave much coverage to the debates in Parliament and they seemed a lot more enthusiastic about it than everyone else. Almost every other line of each speech was tweeted and posted on Facebook. Just one peeve, there were dozens of reports and posts on the debate and it flooded our social media newsfeeds. How about consolidating a few into a single post?

4. Min Khaw walked Like A Boss

Unfortunately, it may appear that Mr Pritam Singh did not take the advice of Ms Sylvia Lim to read the entire AGO report. He could not remember where the figures on Operating Surplus/Deficit were. More importantly, after Pritam asked where the figures were found, Minister Khaw stood up and walked over to the mic like a boss to say “Thank you. May I refer you to the AGO report – main report page 3”.

If you wanna see it again….

download (2)

5. Parliamentary Privilege is a winner

Now, the reason why all those awesome statements from both sides could be made was due to “Parliamentary Privilege”. This was clearly on show throughout the two days and we definitely look forward to more of such exchanges. We truly have a First World Parliament.


6. Do not argue with Min Shanmugam

They say “cool guys don’t look at explosions”. Clearly, Minister Shanmugam is one of them. He just looked away as he mentioned the Sylvia Lim’s burning house. Anyway, Shanmugam’s speech was scary and I would definitely not want to have an argument with him. He actually reminded me of a certain movie character…


7. Low Thia Khiang is a shrewd political operator

In the midst of the speeches, Mr Low Thia Khiang mostly maintained an expressionless face and did not appear to react much. However, he did seem to have only two points – politicisation of the transition between one party to another was a problem and he could not find a Managing Agent. Difficult times…


8. Hari-kiri? Seriously?

One tip to all aspiring speech writers or MPs, do not mention any form of ritual suicide when describing incompetency. You never know when it will come back to bite you. Just a tip…


9. Sam Tan lives in Aljunied GRC

An awesome moment that happened on the first day of debate was Mr Sam Tan’s brilliant comeback to Pritam Singh’s comment that the WP would only respond to residents. Mr Sam Tan stood up and stated that he lives in Aljunied GRC and would like to hear an answer. We do wonder who he voted for. In case you missed it, watch it here.


10. Everyone supported the motion

So what was the end result of all this commotion? All 85 MPs present in the House voted in support of the motion. To make things more complicated, a “division” was called. In a division, the vote of each individual MP is collected and tabulated through an electronic voting system.



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