TIL, Our Former PM Was Dapper Like Fuck

Aside from this very hipster shot of him and his wife from his early days, when you mention LKY, the visage I have of him is that wizened, almost bored look, found on all his books of Big Ideas and Other things at Popular Bookstores et al.

Scrolling through the National Archives site though, proved me wrong. Man was our former Prime Minister properly dapper. GPGT below.


Portrait of LKY complete with bow tie back in 1963. He also killed it outdoors at golf.


LKY in pinstripes with a properly matched tie. Compare this to the rest of the entourage. Unbuttoned blazers with fat rainbow striped ties? No.


The original hipster at work. Hipsters today would probably pay through the roof for his Buddy Holly glasses and analogue telephone.


Looking better than a Tengku at lunch? Deal with it. (This is also probably the only time wearing shades indoors is okay)


Even a certain Algerian President wanted a piece.


Mr Lee. You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention.


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