Our Favorite Alternative Film Posters from Oscars 2015


Tomer Hanuk’s Mondo tender and whimsical re-imaging of Boyhood’s poster made us more sore about it losing out to Birdman for Best Picture and Best Director.


Mike Lemanski’s Whiplash was one of the most intense and enjoyable film we’ve seen this year. The minimalist interpretation probably represented the film better than the official poster.


It’s all in Edgarascensao’s head.

foxcatcher matt murphy

Matt Muprhy pretty much spoils the entire movie with this. Won’t stop us from watching it though.


Gone Girl by Fernando Reza recalls of the noir mystery thrillers of the 70s.

imitation game

The best part about The Imitation Game wasn’t the film. It was Benedict Cumberbatch’s totally unrelated celebrity impressions promo on MTV

the grand budapest hotel poster

We really like Sunday Dog Parade’s version of The Grand Budapest Hotel. Read his thoughts on the design process below:

Seeing as the film has a European setting I thought it would be appropriate to use the ligne claire style favoured by European artists such as Hergé and Joost Swarte for the illustration at the bottom of the poster. For anyone unfamiliar with the term, ligne claire is a French phrase that means “clear line” – a standard strong line width with no added weight is used for an entire drawing. It’s an effect that allows an artist to create both very simple and incredibly complex drawings that can have a sense of detachment and also a level of almost hyper-realism. All of which make it a very appropriate style of drawing for a Wes Anderson illustration in my opinion, with the added consideration that probably the most famous use of this style of drawing is in the Tintin books, created by Hergé, which share an unbridled sense of madcap adventure and fun with Wes Anderson’s latest film.


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