The EIU checklist for the lonely expat

For expats coming to Singapore or other parts of Asia, The Economist’s EIU survey is actually useful not just as an indicator of cost, but a checklist of what one should buy to combat loneliness on his weary business travels.

Don’t believe me? Check out the basket of goods used by EIU and what you can do to ease loneliness:

Having one drink at bar of first class hotel: $24

Drinking Alone

Finding ways to take selfies. Kodak colour film 36 exposures. Cost of Developing 36 colour pictures: $29.80


Joining other expats who own and wear Burberry type raincoats indoors: $2895


Watching local programming on the shiny new 66cm LCD TV: 

Watching PCK

Putting essentials like hand lotion and facial tissues to good use: $3.87 PRICELESS

lotion on open hand resized

Source: EIU Worldwide Cost of Living 


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