Keeping FMFA alive? Or Keeping Livescape alive?

Kudos to Livescape’s PR team because their marketing campaign is quite uncanny.

With just a week to the Future Music Festival Asia 2015, Livescape has already sold 15,000 tickets for next weekend’s event, gathered tonnes of sponsors and partners even before it has received approval to do so. though two applications have been rejected due to “serious concerns” over probable drug use at the event.

Their latest move on 2 March was to appeal “to the highest level” “for the festival to proceed”. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t hedge all my bets on a last minute appeal to Mr Teo Chee Hean the week he’s involved in a two week long affair in Parliament.

dpm teo in parl

Livescape’s response to SPF thus far has been mind numbing. Instead of making use of it’s two opportunities to improve their safety and security proposal to meet SPF’s standards, it concentrated on marketing it’s tickets whilst presumably keeping its fingers crossed. Oh it also came out with a cringe-worthy marketing #KEEPFMFAALIVE.

Isolated incidents which happened outside of Singapore cannot and do not carry any implication that FMFA is in any way linked to drug use nor is it any indication that there will be drug abuse at the event.”

FMFA firmly stands behind our goal of creating a drug-free event for our festival goers to enjoy.”

I’m not sure about you but 6 deaths and 19 arrested for drugs at FMFA 2014 sounds a lot more callous than isolated to me.

“We ask that you give us 48 hours to work on the issue at hand. An update will be provided then.”

I’m also not sure if your last 48 hours should have been spent marketing for #support instead of a last ditch attempt to salvage the situation.


I suppose this is because Livescape has a lot to lose. About $5M worth to be exact.

Refunds will be given to ticket-holders who want one, said Mr Iqbal, adding that the company will incur “huge losses” as a result.

Update: We were told that Livescape has yet to refund fully, everyone who attended FMFA2014.

Music Weekly Asia
(Screengrab from Music Weekly Asia)

tl;dr Instead of #KEEPFMFAALIVE, had Livescape thought through it’s plans to #KEEPPEOPLEALIVE, it probably would not have been at this stage of appeal today.

Btdubs (we were really curious about the colors used on the FMFA site – so we went to read up on a variety of sites):



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