Prata Flipping at the FMFA

After watching all that flipping, it’s the Singapore has finally rejected FMFA for the third time.

Why am I not surprised. My friends are not surprised. A couple that bought tickets are banging their heads wondering if they are able to get refunds. Largely, it seems like only the organiser is delusional. You must be mad to think that this government is going to allow FMFA to go on after the drama in Malaysia last year where Singaporeans were hospitalised for overdoes of drugs. I saw that the most recent FMF events in two Australia cities were also marred by drug incidents. Does this sound “isolated” to you?

We can almost imagine the conversation at the Ministry of Home Affairs:

Minister: So what am I going to do with appeal?

Civil Servant: Buay sai. Malaysia just kicked them out. We never take things that Malaysian don’t want.

Minister: Organiser tell media he can settle this drug concerns. He say isolated incident.

Civil Servant: Kena sai. Just last week, same event kena slam left-right-centre by Australian government for same drug issue. Every freaking FMF event got drug incidents. Don’t risk it. Later got dai-ji, we sure get slam by every mother-!@#$er who would then turn around and ask why we “allow”, including those that are complaining that we are inflexible now.

Minister: But they will lose a lot of money. We will lose a lot of tourists.

Civil Servant: Let them lao sai. Who ask them to act smart and so irresponsible. They pretend to be shock that the permit rejected. Please lor, they started selling tickets last year, but only applied for permit in Jan. Police reject them in end Jan. They continue to sell lots of tickets through Feb! In the meantime, they apply permit again in Feb, Police rejected again. In Jan, they already know they no chance, but still sell tickets like normal. That’s irresponsible. They better prepare money to refund. Some friends told me their money from the KL gig still pending. You see what he post on Instagram?




So what now? 

Back in 2014, in an interview with Yahoo, Livescape CEO Iqbal complained that the victims who died had no clue they were consuming a “bad batch” of drugs. I think the issue here is – shouldn’t you be rejecting drugs in the first place?

Iqbal goes on to say after the fracas in 2014:

“In every business there’s a risk. There’s accidents on the road everyday. If the answer to when something goes wrong is to shut down the entire industry, then by that logic, doesn’t it thenmakes sense to shut down the entire auto industry?” – Iqbal, Livescape Asia

He later ends up blaming the Malaysian Government. Which will probably happen here now.

This is going to sound direct, but Malaysia needs to grow up. The government has been preaching about Malaysia being a moderate country. But I dare ask, are we really that moderate? When you get a group of people opposing an act just because of what he or she wears. I guess the people at the top just needs to speak to the man on the street in foreign countries to see what their perception on Malaysia really is. Are we really moderate? I doubt it.” – Iqbal, Livescape Asia.

Roti PRata

Is nothing really your fault? Sorry FMFA, we don’t want your prata.

*Disclaimer – Writer is not a fan of trance. If you are a fan of Jazz like I am, you still can catch the last day of SingJazz tomorrow!



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