Top Five Budget 2015 Debates Outside Parliament

There seems to be a disproportionate interest in the Jubilee Budget 2015 debates this year. Not a lot of people are talking about it. There are some adjustments here, some adjustments there plus the typical pragmatic investment in infrastructure for the people. The few that are talking about it though, are making a lot of noise.

From two week long affair, we look at the Top 5 Debates by people outside of Parliament:

  1. Left VS Right

For the first time, Parliament got left and right! People were debating whether or not the budget was left or right was right.

Speaker of Parliament, Halimah, arguably ended the left/right discussion:

“Again, pragmatism dictates that ideology should not determine how we craft policies but rather what is really of benefit to our people and what really works for us.”

  1. The People VS MRT Cabins

Low Thia Kiang and Lily Neo argued for women-only SMRT cabins. We assume this is because they are terrified of the nasty pheromones that men give off in the train cabins. It seemed to be the only time the people on Twitter decided to be interested in the Budget Debates with many asking why so stupid – SMRT should get their shit together first.

  1. Donald Low VS Liang Eng Hwa VS Bertha Henson

The Associate Dean of LKYPPS, Donald Low, started a ‘rant’ on Facebook, because he felt that the Members of Parliament were not as smart as him – and are therefore unqualified to debate about the budget. Low says, “Most of the MPs posturing and pontificating about fiscal sustainability simply don’t understand how the Budget is presented”.

Liang Eng Hwa took issue with this and decided to defend the honour and unquestioning intelligence of his fellow members of Parliament by responding.

Bertha, being a former ST editor herself, decided to enter the fray. She argued that it was normal for ST to published an edited rant from Donald Low’s Facebook Page but wrong of Liang to respond to comments made in Low’s Facebook Page. Others called Liang out for ‘invading’ Lows private, public Facebook wall.

Strange standards being applied no? People have been persecuted for that they have posted on FB profiles more private than Donald’s.

It seems like only smart people can share, like and respond to the intelligence that is Donald Low. They also take care of themselves in how polished they look in the media. Members of Parliament may not apply.

  1. NSP VS Chia Yong Yong

Recently reformed and reorganized, NSP thought they should chip in with their thoughts on the Parliament – because how else can they demonstrate that their ship is still stable with the exodus of key NSP members?

NMP Chia Yong Yong decided to speak out to show her support for the CPF system but was roundly attacked for doing so. NSP was most vicious, criticising Chia for “attempting to address broad national issues” despite being unequipped “with an understanding and working knowledge of the issues and concerns of our people” as doing so would “hurt the emotional well-being of our people”.

We suppose that NSP are the smartest guys in the room – no wait -NSP are the smartest guys outside the room. We wish them every bit of luck nursing their emotional wellbeing.

  1. The Reform Party VS themselves

Another Opposition Party outside of Parliament decided to take things to a new level by debating about the budget with their lonesome selves.



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