This is a Royal Singapore Beauty Queen Recruitment Act. Infatuate Freely.


What did I just watch?

Why is no one angry about this yet?

Are Mothership’s readers all migrants from HWZ’s EDMW forum?

How can everyone miss this? The Royal Singapore Navy. The Mothership.

This is something you see in a TNP NEW FACE promo video. Not that that is right.

This is a recruitment ad for the Navy. This is an article that gushes about how sweet a Naval Officer looks.

This is all kinds of wrong.

Clarie 3

From a convent school background where she hardly spoke to any guys to joining the (traditionally) male-dominated military, Military Expert (ME) 1 Clarie Teo’s life took an about-turn when she made the unconventional decision to pursue Marine Engineering after her O levels.

So they thought that it would be necessary to highlight her convent school background. That it would be necessary to put her through a ‘dolling up session’ to show how life on board a naval vessel was like. That it would be attractive, to join a life in Navy, by asking her to sing a tune.

Clarie 4

How different it from the incident where a female tennis player who just won a championship was asked to twirl for the camera?

I don’t understand – how you could not recruit by demonstrating her empowerment in uniform. I don’t understand – how you could write about how one should join the navy because you would want to go ‘Fire-fighting with her. Together. Forever.’

I do understand that I may be wrong in arguing over something that Clarie Teo was fully aware of and has no issues with – but – I can’t help but feel that we have a system that enjoys exploiting it.


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