IKEA and the Great Democratic Buffet

Sorry guys. We had to take a break from the bleak bleak world of the internet. It seems like the idea of what democracy should be today, is the freedom to feel offended – even when it is not about them. What the desired state of governance or democracy (since it’s frequently the one espoused by ‘progressive’ groups of people) should be – sounds like a buffet line of varying options but where patrons are only allowed to eat from a sole progressive dish (probably vegan?).

First there was a furore because IKEA Singapore decided to give their loyalty members, benefits to attending  Lawrence Khong performance about Magic. Later this week, was an outcry because TWC2 and Oglivy Asia decided to defend the legal right of foreign domestic workers. The irony, as Bertha mentioned, that they are “intolerant of people’s views as they say other people are of theirs”

What is the Democracy you want Based on some of the arguments put forth – it seems like intolerance is okay one way – but not the other. @BIVOUC trots out charts and numbers suggesting that because 47% of Singaporeans “reject gay lifestyles”, furniture companies like IKEA should instead support their cause. The issue here isn’t a mutually exclusive one  – and I think the more we try to look at it as dichotomous, the more divisive we become.

What happens if you try something else?

“Well, fuck you and your illusions, Bertha” seems to be it. “We’re here, we’re queer, and we’re going to do something about this sorry situation?”

What is this sorry situation really?

That a furniture store offers discounted tickets to a magic show by a church? Or that people who go to church don’t necessarily share your views on how they should live their life? And no, I’m not from FCBC, nor do I condone what they preach or stand for.

The problem, I think is the rhetoric about democracy and how it brings about a certain progress. Curse you and your backward ways should you not be as forward thinking as someone who is. You must be absolutely repressed if you find comfort in your traditions and non-progressive beliefs about life.

Bullying works both ways. Sure. Some people could feel offended by your ‘progress’. But enforcing your ‘progress’ upon them is the same type of bullying. Isn’t the point about this buffet about accepting the fact that there are several dishes in the buffet – and that furniture stores do not always have to promote your cause? Oh. We also hear that 28% of Singaporeans who go to IKEA not for the furniture but for their meatballs ikea meatballs


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