Tidal: Help give back to struggling musicians, Jay Z, Madonna, Beyonce et al.

Today I cancelled my Tidal subscription. Just a couple of days more before I have to actually pay for it.

$20USD for higher fidelity music my pair of headphones will probably not notice was a reach for both my wallet and 4G data plan.

There are of course other reasons to not support Tidal.

It is difficult, by any stretch of imagination, to buy into the idea of supporting the musician that is played out by the evil corporate middle man. Not when you are trotting out your musician friends who aren’t exactly struggling to sell your product.

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

Like Taylor Swift who removed her catalog of songs from Spotify, Tidal’s reason for existence was because they felt that they were underpaid.

“I think they totally blew it by bringing out a bunch of millionaires and billionaires and propping them up onstage and then having them all complain about not being paid, that’s why this thing is going to fail miserably.” Ben Gibbard

Reports indicate that approximately 70% of Spotify revenue go to rights holders before paying for staff, server, development and marketing. This means that 700 Million of the 1 Billion they made in 2013 went to people like Beyonce, Jay Z and Madonna.

Tidal wants us to support the struggling underdog – I’m doing that by paying for Spotify.


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