Only 5 things we want to ask journalists (because KISS)

So, some PR person must have pissed this Business Times journalist off real bad. It didn’t help that it sounded like a Ms Hooi was dealing with a real piece of work – but she decided to publish a piece, questioning PR’s existence on prime Saturday column-estate. Here’s 5 things in return we want to ask her:

Photo From Cirrus Media Au

Photo From Cirrus Media Au

Dear Journalists,

1.Why do you always expect us to have a transcript of the interview/briefing for you?

2.Why do you still mis-report, even after we’ve sent the transcript?

3.The reason why you may not have an angle before the interview.

Is this because you did not do your homework? Surely there must be a semblance of a point?


4.  We sometimes ask, if you had published the story only because we’re not as learned as you, the wordsmith. We sometimes cannot understand your art in writing so much but saying so little. I might have missed it but i’m afraid to admit.

5. Do you sometimes like to publish ‘declined to comment’ as a proverbial finger to people who are unable to answer your question? For once we would love to see “We were unable to get a comment as we gave them only 15 minutes before our own deadline despite the fact we were pitched the story 3 days ago.”

I suppose its easier to make us look bad.


We need you and you need us. We’re sure you feel you are entitled with the force and power of changing the world one story at a time. Chances are, if you’re using PR pitches for your stories, you’re not covering anything that ground breaking.


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