Four Recommendations the EBRC should have made

So the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee unleashed their recommendations last Friday and we can’t help but feel that it was a missed opportunity. Here are five recommendations we felt the EBRC should have introduced instead.

Renaming all GRCs and SMCs to Zones 1 through 29

Everyone’s has continued to make a fuss about how the GRCs are named and split.

“Why my house in Bedok North but located in Marine Parade GRC!”

Weird because with the number of street names not properly represented as GRCs or SMCs, this was bound to happen.

Tectonic shift causes Joo Chiat to shift to Marine Parade GRC

Hello, Joo Chiat IS located along Marine Parade Road. No need for plate tectonics to work.

All this could have been avoided though had the EBRC rename all GRCs and SMCs to Zones 1 through 29. Surely something so simple, yet brilliant, could have been implemented in the Report no?

Include Women as Minority representative in GRC

Before you get started on a feminist rant, would you not agree that it would be very cool if there were a better male – female ratio in Parliament? Since the idea is for guaranteed race representation in Parliament, why not change the rules to allow females to take up the mantle as the ‘minority’ representative in a GRC team? More women in parliament = better debates!


Add an additional requirement to the Voting Slip

This should be added to the ballot slip.

“Tick if applicable. Is TRS, ASS or TRE your main/only source of news?”

All ballots with this tick will now be considered void.

Do we even need to explain why?

Finally. Release your report later la

Everyone made a big fuss about how they needed more time to prepare and yet could announce their intention to send X number of candidates to Y number of GRCs/SMCs within a single day. Surely this was because they were unprepared and taken aback about the impending polling day.


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