50 Singapore Songs We Grew Up Loving

Didn’t think we could manage it at first but here it is, 50 of our favorite songs by Singaporean bands. Unlike the Mothership compilation here, we didn’t cop out; no NDP songs, no Singapore workout songs and no repeats.

These were songs we grew up with. When BigO was still in circulation at 7-11 stores, when we found out about new local music after trading them over IRC, when the Brit Pop/Rock wave with Suede and Oasis heavily influenced the local music scene.

Ah the nostalgia.

  1. Serenaide – The Girl From Katong

A local band, singing about a the girl from Katong and magical Marine Parade. Growing up was rosy.

  1. Bored Phucks – Zoe Tay

Wayne Thunder Seah [RIP] and the rest of Bored Phucks singing about the original queen of Caldecott Hill. Whats there not to love.

  1. Humpback Oak – Circling Square

Leslie Low has to be one of the most talented local musicians still active on the scene.

  1. Stoned Revivals – Goodil

Makes us want to take a trip to Bali.

  1. Padres – November 91

We want to say that Joe Ng does a really good Brett Anderson impression, but that would be a disservice.

  1. Oddfellows – Unity Song

Patrick Chng’s Oddfellows had several feel good songs. This was our favorite.

  1. Concave Scream – Driven

Sean Lam’s Concave Scream was in our opinion, one of the most progressive rock bands during their time. Set the stage for the wonderful Soundtrack for a Book.

  1. Astreal – Wallflower

They cite MBV, Slowdive and Curve as their influence. We believe them.

  1. My Squared Circle – Alone


  1. Sherene’s Closet – Over

Lovelorn songs from a loverlorn band. Couldn’t find our favorite Sherene’s Closet track online (Infatuation) but this will do just as nicely.

  1. Analog Girl – Tonight Your love

Some people like Time Magazine compare Mei Wong to Bjork. We think she’s more than that <3.

  1. Force Vomit – Siti

It was the first time we’ve ever heard of surf rock. Too damn fun live.

  1. Beverly – No More Tears (Teenage Textbook OST)

Nostalgia overload. We hear she’s singing at MBS now.

  1. Sugarflies – What about

Another one that brings back so much memories. So easy to listen to.

  1. The Observatory – This Sad Song

Another Leslie Low super group made up initially by former members from Concave Scream, Sugarflies and the Padres. Possibly the most productive local band with 5 studio albums. We love what they sounded like before their experimental art rock sensibilities took over.

  1. B Quartet – Beautiful Crash

A massively talented band sadly defunct today.

  1. Obedient Wives Club – Requiem for a lover

Came for the band name, stayed for the music.

  1. Aspidistra Fly –  Moonlight Shadow (April Lee)

We never thought a local band could sound as beautiful as Sigur Ros, Cocteau Twins. Also. we love April Lee.

  1. Zircon Lounge – Chanachai

It’s X’Ho!

  1. Leslie Low – Despair

Give this man a guitar it will gently bleed.

  1. Lunarin – Silverpiece 

Sounds like APC but local! They’ve been around for close to 2 decades.

  1. Ronin – Black Maria

Warning. Earworm.

  1. A Vacant Affair – We Are Not The Same
  1. Plain Sunset – Johari Window

Wake Me Up Music had several bands under their label. Plain Sunset was our favorite.

  1. The Great Spy Experiment – Class A Love Affair

The Great Spy Experiment was initially a little disappointing live but work from their studio? Excellent.

  1. Bored Spies –沙鼠E

We’re not sure if they’re still active but that the B-side on their EP was so good.

  1. That Song on Eating AIR by JULIET PANG

Remember that Faye Wong like vocals in the opening song to Kelvin Tong’s Eating Air? They belong to Juliet Pang.

  1. Lizards Convention – Wooden Heart

Remember when songs used to be simple and lovely?

  1. Livonia – Vengeance is Mine

Okay. They weren’t all simple and lovely.

  1. The Opposition Party

Some say they were our Lion City’s pioneer hardcore band. We’re inclined to believe.

  1. The Ordinary People

When all you had to do was carry a tune.

  1. I am David Sparkle – Jangan 

Signed by Kitty freaking Wu.

  1. Riot in Magenta – Told you so

Really really good to listen to. You can find their records at Hear!

  1. .gif 

Sounds like Morcheeba to us – and we love our downtempo so that’s a good thing right?

  1. The Steve McQueens – Walls

Neo-soulfunk. Does anyone else sound like them in Singapore? We think not.

  1. The Fire Fight – Hours

Too much of a boyband for us though.

  1. Hanging up the moon (Sean Lam and Leslie) – Water Under the Bridge  

So the Snakeweed Sessions brought together two frontmen from bands we used to love. Result = magic.

  1. Stompin’ Ground – Divided We Fall 

This is hardcore.

  1. Lilac Saints – Claudia

Unsung heroes.

  1. Weish – In My Sleep

Pedal power.

  1. Watchmen – My One and Only 

Don’t tell Kevin Matthews we prefer Lum May Yee’s version from 12 Storeys.

Lum May Yee

  1. Amatuer Takes Control – Sayonara Supergirl

When your owns are remixed, it must be a good thing right.

  1. Caracal – Welcome the Ironists

If this is anything to go by, local rock is taking a step in the right direction!

  1. Cheating Sons – Honeymoon 

Very good throwback band.

  1. Typewriter – That Deepest Blue 

Interested in what Patrick Chng (Oddfellows), Yee Chang Kang and Desmond Goh have been up to?

  1. Electrico – Runaway

We used to be so annoyed when people started found out about them in the noughties and thought they were the only local band around. Today we’re glad that they aren’t the Sam Willows.

  1. The Suns – Cecelia 

The Boredphucks reformed later as The Suns. Less explicit but still produced catchy hooks and held their tune.

Thank you Wayne, we’ll be just fine.

  1. Return to Fall – Last Swell
  1. Steel City Skies – In a Shadow

That’s about it we think. Did we miss out on anything?


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