We wonder for what purpose the PAP’s camera app was made for

As part of reforming it’s not so internet savvy image, the PAP has decided to get into the . This is after the recent revamp of their website (more photos; less words) .

The app, titled PAP4SG is unfortunately only in it’s beta and thus available only in the Apple app store.

It offers a host of information you can otherwise find online through Ng Eng Hen’s daily election type announcements – such as candidate reveals.

One feature the app included that was didn’t get was the camera app. Vulcan editor, Charlene, had a lot of fun doing this.


Image stolen from Vulcan Post

We decided to take things a step further and imagine what happens when the PAP4SG camera app attempts taking a photo of Worker’s Party Co-Drivers, Sylvia Lim and Low Thia Khiang.

photo149562177726032906 photo149562177726032907

The only reasonable conclusion that we came to was that the PAP thoughtfully prepared the app for their supporters during the week of election rallies. Imagine the usefulness for PAP supporter who might have stumbled upon a Workers Party rally while making their way home from work!

#PAP4SG – Seeing things through the lens of a PAP Camera App




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