Dear Mr Chee, why are you still trying to deny what you did to Mr Chiam

Dear Mr Chee, why are you still trying to deny what you did to Mr Chiam

My question is this, Dr Chee, if you’re so desperate to forget the past and focus on constructive politics of a clean fight, why are you spending so much time at rallies trying to clarify and revise your past.

You deny any wrongdoing to Mr Chiam and repeatedly told us to read up on the legal documents of the case as the media then were out to unfairly demonize you.

I have retrieved the documents and this and this is what I found. [Chiam See Tong v Ling How Doong and others.]

  1. The SDP CEC expelled Mr Chiam See Tong on August 20, 1993. This was through a letter to Mr Chiam telling him that he had been expelled “forthwith”. As if to further confirm this, you also wrote to the Speaker of Parliament to inform of Mr Chiam’s expulsion.
  2. Not only was there a move to expel Mr Chiam, you arguably attempted to ruin his political career by defaming him.

SDP Letter 1

sdp letter 2

The reasons given for Mr Chiam’s expulsion was that he lacked vision for the SDP and was motivated by “a craze for personal political power.” Yet Mr Chiam’s SDP saw SDP send three candidates to parliament. Since he left, SDP has sent none.

So Mr Chee, we implore you to stop denying Mr Chiam’s expulsion or attempts to defame him.

Oh and finally. Guess who became Secretary General of the SDP when Mr Chiam was forced to leave at the end of 1996.

(Top photo from Alive Alive)


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