Cutting through the fog. Who censor who?

So an intelligent but un-popular Hakka woman who has been stoic by any measure has recently put herself in a situation where she’s suddenly become the most popular kid around. If her friend requests is anything to go by, she’s now Facebook friends with the coolest cats online.

The lastest of her friends is hatchet knight, Kenenth Jeyeratnam who rose to her defence by claiming that Janadas was attacking her disability. I’m not sure if he knows what dyslexia means but Merriam Webster suggests:

Definition of Dyslexia: a general term for disorders that involve difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols, but that do not affect general intelligence.

As you can see, not much to do with intellectual fogs. However, going by Jeyeratnam’s wrongful interpretation of dyslexia, one could perhaps allege that is indeed dyslexic.


So despite the gathering pop-corn gathering crowd’s interest in wanting to see this as an issue of “press freedom”, it really isn’t. Instead of nefarious ideas of Government intervention and censorship on media freedom, Dr Lee Wei Ling’s anger was very much directed at The Straits Time’s front page coverage of a Lee Kuan Yew eraser art exhibit.

What made me write this article was a front page report in The Straits Times (Mar 21). It carried a photo of an outline of Papa’s face made with 4,877 erasers that form an installation which is 2.3 m wide and 3.1 m tall, titled Our Father, Our Country, Our Flag.

Presumably, Dr Lee was angry enough to want ST to publish her rant against their coverage of nationwide commemoration. Predictably ST declined.

“I will no longer write for SPH as the editors there do not allow me freedom of speech. in fact, that was the reason why i posted the article on LKY would not want to be hero-worshipped” 

So correct us if we’re wrong, but in a perverse yet ironic fashion, isn’t Dr Lee’s unhappiness due to ST’s failure to censor edit themselves to her standards?

Sorry Dr. Lee. You mentioned in your eulogy for your father that you “won’t break down” because you are “a Hakka woman”. We’re sorry on the rest of Singapore may not be Hakka like you.

Cover image by Grant Gouldon / Flickr.



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