Death of a Perm Sec



Death of a perm sec tells of a story that only very few can concoct. It is a story that even fewer publishers would publish. In Wong Souk Yee’s own words,

“Death of a Perm Sec had been searching in vain for several years for a publisher who is risk-prone and has the gumption to defend its publications”

Knowing Souk Yee’s background, it was difficult to identify the line where reality ended and fiction began. That’s perhaps the power of this Epigram Finalist for Fiction in 2015.

The story explores the underbelly of Singapore’s political history in an alternate ‘what-if’ universe, through the death of a perm sec, Chow Tze Min. The family he left behind is left in tail spin without the sole breadwinner/matriarchal stereotype figure as they try to navigate the ISD’s investigation into his death and corruption.

My only issue is Wong’s disdain for government figures and state archetypes is obvious and permeates throughout the entire book. Fortunately, they don’t get in the way of her story.  Death of perm sec was a compelling journey.

Buy from Epigram here.







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